GMO Free Hawai`i Island is dedicated and is actively involved in passing legislation that will protect Hawai`i Island’s unique ecosystem, native species, food sovereignty and economic security.

Your kokua (help) is needed:

Submitting oral or written testimony during each round helps the County Council understand how GMOs impact you and your family.

  1. Joining us in Chambers for County Council discussions helps you to understand your councilpersons perspective on the issue, and provides you with more information on how you can help your councilperson between meetings. One-on-one meetings, phone calls, and emails are more effective when you know what concerns your councilperson has.
  2. Sign Waving Rallies & Marches help to share an important message with members of our community who may not know about GMOs yet.
  3. Writing to the Media to rebute articles that have provided in accurate or biased information.
    Purchasing Non-GMO foods
  4. Boycotting GMO foods & Parent Companies who are against labeling.

This is your opportunity to create a GMO-free future.


Did you know that by avoiding the purchase of GMO products you could be part of the 5% that is needed for a market share tipping point? It’s true that every time you choose a NON-GMO project verified product, an organic product, or pass on a product that has GMO’s you are helping to drive the tipping point. The market share tipping point is direct, and effective at driving change.

This hour long pre-recorded webinar by Jeffery Smith, talks about the 9 GMO crops, GMO varieties, and the inherent dangers associated with GMOs.