Papaya – Reports, Test and Articles

Resources for Farmers and Back Yard Gardeners 
Every time we go out into the public and talk to people about Bill 79, and now Bill 109 & 113 and Genetically Modified Organisms , people ask us, how they can test to see if their papaya’s are GM. The following documents will provide you with the answers you are looking for along with relevant research relating to the papaya industry in Hawai`i and on Hawai`i Island.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected], should you have more questions after reading through this material, or if you have other questions that would serve the general public. Your feed back on these documents are welcomed. 

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  1. BROCHURE: «Which Papayas are Genetically Modified?»
    Created by GMO Free Hawai`i Island (1 page, 2 sided pdf file)
    File name: Papaya Brochure v9.pdf


  2. BROCHURE: «GMOS What’s the Big Deal»
    Created by GMO Free Hawai`i Island (1 page, 2 sided pdf file)
    File name: GMOs What’s the Big Deal.pdf
  3. How to Interpret the Test for the Presence of Genetically Engineered Traits in Papaya Seeds
    By Martha L. Crouch Ph.D (3 page pdf file)
    File name: Test-Genetically Engineered Traits-Papaya-CROUCH.pdf


  4. Greenhouse Research with Transgenic Plants & Microbes
    By Patricia L. Traymor, Dann Adair, & Ruth Irwin – (74 page pdf file)
    File name: GMO green house containment.pdf
  5. Hawaiian Papaya: GMO Contamination 
    By Melanie Bondera & Mark Query – Hawai`i Seed
    File name: 52360029-Hawaiian-Papaya-GMO-Contamination.pdf (19 page pdf file) 
  6. Glyphosate Study Results – June 2013 
    by Medizinisches Labor Bremen
    File name: Glyphosate Study Results-June 12.pdf (13 page pdf file) 
  7. Long Term Toxicology Study on Pigs 
    by Judy A. Carman, Howard R. Vlieger, Larry J. Ver Steeg, Verlyn E. Sneller, Garth W. Robinson, Catherine A. Clinch-Jones, Julie I. Haynes, & John W. Edwards
    File name: Long-term Toxicology Study on Pigs 17pgs.pdf (17 page pdf file) 
  8. Failure to Yield
    by Doug Gurian-Sherman; Union of Concerned Scientists April 2009
    File name: failure-to-yield.pdf (51 page pdf file)